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Bill Flocco

Reflexology Lessons from the Berlin Wall – Bill Flocco

Shortly after the Berlin wall came down in 1989 I started teaching Integrated Foot Hand Ear Reflexology classes in Berlin, Germany. Many deep and richly rewarding experiences followed during the next 20 years of teaching in Central, Northern and Southern Germany. One such highlight came via the Berlin Wall. It still impacts my life almost 25 years later.

During the Beginning Foot Hand Ear Reflexology Workshop in as parsely yet tastefully appointed yoga studio in West Berlin, most of the students were from more affluent and free West Berlin. One student was from East Berlin, the part of divided Germany that for decades had been under totalitarian control, behind the Berlin Wall.There were visual and behavioral difference between students from West and East Berlin. Continue reading

21 Advantages & Benefits of Attending Reflexology Conferences By Bill Flocco


    • Network with Reflexologists form other towns, cities, regions, states, countries
    • Talk one-on-one with speakers and other leaders in the field
    • Gain updated information to take back home to share with clients or colleagues
    • Lear nnew hands-on techniques by sharing with people from other methods & schools
    • Be among the first to be introduced to the newest trends in the field
    • Meet and break bread with the trendsetters
    • Learn about key issues in legislation, human trafficking, state Reflexology laws
    • Meet those who have been actively dealing with these issues on behalf of you and the field

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Chart Showing Dramatic Study Results

Randomized Controlled Study Of Premenstrual Symptoms
Treated with Ear, Hand, and Foot Reflexology
by Terry Oleson, Ph.D., and William S. Flocco

Reading through the study can be a challenging task. We developed the below chart to help clarify the percentage change that occurred between the three reflexology groups. The most significant comparison is between the 46% change in the Active Reflexology Group and 19% change in the Placebo Reflexology Group.

Highly Statistically Significant Difference of 27%.

Percentage Reduction Of Overall PMS Symptoms

Bill Flocco And Christine Issel Named To Reflexology Hall Of Fame

Bill Flocco And Christine Issel Named To Reflexology Hall Of Fame


International Council of Reflexology
Contact: Christine Issel
PR Phone: 916 718-3995
website PR email: AAR

International Council of Reflexologists Names Bill Flocc oand Christine Issel To the ICR HALL OF FAME.

Colfax, California – October 14, 2013 — The International Council of Reflexologists proudly announces Bill Flocco and Christine Issel, 2013 inductees into the International Council of Reflexologists (ICR) Hall of Fame.

The honor was announced during the 14th ICR International Reflexology Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, September 20-22, 2013. Continue reading

A One Page Abstract

Abstract of First Reflexology Research Ever Published In Scientific Medical Journals

First Reflexology Research ever published in scientific medical journals.

The following Abstract appears at the beginning of the Research Study Published in 1993 for readers to gain a quick overview of the study to determine if they would like to look into reading the entire published study.


Randomized Controlled Study Of Premenstrual Symptoms
Treated with Ear, Hand, and Foot Reflexology
by Terry Oleson, Ph.D., and William S. Flocco

Objective: To determine whether reflexology therapy – the application of manual pressure to reflex points on the ears, hands, and feet that somatotopically correspond to specific areas of the body – can significantly reduce premenstrual symptoms compared to placebo treatment. Continue reading

Reflexology For Emphysema

A 55-year-old lady suffering from emphysema experiences dramatic relief from her symptoms and greater ease of breathing.

Emphysema is surprisingly prevalent among people who smoke pipes, cigars or cigarettes, those who live or work in highly polluted areas, such as around spores, herbicides and pesticides, factories with high air contaminants, or people who live in especially polluted urban centers.

Emphysema results from the breaking down of the little air pockets in the lungs, called alveoli, causing larger spaces. Lungs lose the capacity to take natural fluids or mucus up to the throat and out. As this condition worsens, people with emphysema develop a cough, because of the fluid build up in the lungs, the result of the lungs inability to expel the fluids naturally.

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Reflexology For Neck Pain & Range of Motion

A Burbank, California housewife we will call Merl, had a neck so stiff she had to turn her whole body to look either side. After three Reflexology Sessions and some Self-Help Reflexology, Merl regained full range-of-motion of her neck for the first time in twelve years.

This case of relief of pain and stiffness from Reflexology is dramatic only regarding the length of time Merl suffered. It is quite common for people to report relief of neck pain within a few sessions of Reflexology.

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After the first four days (28 Hours) of our Beginning Foot Hand Ear Reflexology Class, a large amount of time is spent, hands-on, learning a variety of ways of Integrating Foot Hand Ear Reflexology into the same Reflexology Session, depending on clients needs. We go extensively into the 7 Principles of Integrating Foot Hand Ear Reflexology. Continue reading

Effective Healing That’s Literally At Your Fingertips

Periodically you will be able to access and read a wide range of articles related to Reflexology and the field of natural health. All you need to do is visit this page occasionally to see if a new article has been added that is of interest to you. Continue reading