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Bill Flocco

21 Advantages & Benefits of Attending Reflexology Conferences By Bill Flocco


    • Network with Reflexologists form other towns, cities, regions, states, countries
    • Talk one-on-one with speakers and other leaders in the field
    • Gain updated information to take back home to share with clients or colleagues
    • Lear nnew hands-on techniques by sharing with people from other methods & schools
    • Be among the first to be introduced to the newest trends in the field
    • Meet and break bread with the trendsetters
    • Learn about key issues in legislation, human trafficking, state Reflexology laws
    • Meet those who have been actively dealing with these issues on behalf of you and the field

  • Explore latest publications, books, DVD, and more at exhibit booths
  • Renew your fire and passion for your practice and your profession
  • Start or renew professional relationships you can continue on social media or in person
  • Develop a mentality of always learning & always growing professionally
  • Seek out people who can help you with questions or issues you bring from your practice
  • Make your intent, before each presentation, to learn at least one new bit of information. Imagine how many new insights you will have gained by the end of each day.
  • During each break meet at least one new person
  • Occasionally sit next to someone you don’t know
  • Learn during breaks as well as during meals
  • Become a force to reinvigorate your national, regional, state Reflexology Organizations
  • Discover opportunities to be of service, nationally, regionally, at the state or local levels
  • Ask how you can help – conventions always need help with greeting, party favors, etc.
  • Thank the people who, for a year or two, worked to make the conference work for you.


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