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Bill Flocco

Meaning of Controlled Study

Active Reflexology Group: The Active Reflexology Group, sometimes called the real reflexology group, received hands-on reflexology on reflex points and areas that are believed to be related to helping the body, bringing relief from PMS symptoms.

Placebo Reflexology Group: The Placebo Reflexology Group, sometimes called shame or fake reflexology group, received reflexology, but on reflex points and areas on the feet, hands, and ears that, to the best of our knowledge have no relationship to helping the body bring relief from PMS symptoms.

Waiting List Control Group: The Waiting List Control Group goes for the entire six months of the study keeping the same Daily Diary, but receiving no reflexology for the entire six months. The information gathered during this time from this group, helps us with what is called “Baseline” information. Another way of saying that it helps to determine information about women and their PMS symptoms for six months.

The normal information from the Waiting List Control Group, which had no reflexology, would be compared against the information from both the Active Reflexology Group and the Placebo Reflexology Group. The comparison is designed to show any changes in PMS symptoms.

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