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Bill Flocco

Reflexology For Neck Pain & Range of Motion

A Burbank, California housewife we will call Merl, had a neck so stiff she had to turn her whole body to look either side. After three Reflexology Sessions and some Self-Help Reflexology, Merl regained full range-of-motion of her neck for the first time in twelve years.

This case of relief of pain and stiffness from Reflexology is dramatic only regarding the length of time Merl suffered. It is quite common for people to report relief of neck pain within a few sessions of Reflexology.

The Flocco Method – Integrating Foot Hand Ear Reflexology is based on the principle that in each of these three places – ears, hands, and feet – you have a complete pressure map in a shape of the human body. When you put pressure with your fingers and thumbs on these Reflexology Maps, it is something like going to a wall and turning the light switch. Although you are touching the light switch on the wall, the effect is seen on the light in the ceiling. So too, by properly reflexing the appropriate parts of the ears, hands, and feet for the neck, relief of pain, stress, and range-of-motion issues, is often reported.

Over thirty years of working with feet, hands, and ears have shown that each is better for pain in different parts of the body.

Where to reflex first is called Priority Reflexing. For neck pain, go to the neck reflexes in the ears first, found above the earlobes at the base of the hard cartilage, called the inner ridge. Hold between the pads of your fingers and thumbs with firm nurturing pressure.

Where to reflex first, second, and third is called Progression Reflexing. After reflexing the neck reflexes on the ears, progress to neck reflexes in the feet, located in the two-thirds of the toes closest to the feet, especially around the big toes.

Third progress to the neck reflexes in the hands, found in the two-thirds of the fingers closest to the hands, especially around the thumbs.

Start with lighter pressure between the softer surface tissues and harder deeper tissues, until the deeper tissue softens and invites you to work deeper.

Remember the importance of drinking extra water to flush out any toxins released while reflexing. For serious health conditions also remember the value of your primary health care provider.

And as you have seen with the Flocco Method – Integrating Foot Hand Ear Reflexology relief can literally be at your fingertips, and, you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Until we chat again in our next article, like Merl, you too can learn how to give relief of neck pain through Reflexology.


BILL FLOCCO is Founder Director of The American Academy of Reflexology.

Teaching The Integration of Foot Hand Ear Reflexology Since 1982. (818) 841-7741





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