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Bill Flocco

Reflexology As A Career

Reflexology is rapidly emerging around the USA and the world, as a separate, highly respected independent profession. In fact, worldwide, Reflexology is possibly the most rapidly growing profession within the touch therapies.Reflexology has been featured on almost every major TV talk show, has been featured in numerous magazines, is acknowledged by a number of major insurance companies and HMO’s, has professional reflexology organizations, is the subject of international reflexology symposia and conferences, has extensive published research validating it’s effectiveness, has over a hundred books written on the subject, and is recognized by both the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, as well as the National Institutes for Health’s Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and The National Foundation for Women Legislators.

Part Time Career Most people who practice reflexology professionally, do so on a part time basis and are self-employed.

Full Time Career There are people in many parts of the USA and in quite a few other countries making a full time career of Reflexology. They have high quality education, support their professional Reflexology Organizations, and approach building their Reflexology Practice like any other business, with sound business building practices.

Sound Business Practices The income a practitioner achieves is primarily dependent on their personal diligent efforts. If you decide to practice full time, we encourage you to build your practice on a part time basis, keeping your current employment, until income from your reflexology practice is abundant enough to replace your current income.

Laws For Practicing Reflexology There are no laws that apply to practicing Reflexology on yourself, on family, friends, as long as it is free – no donation, fees, goods, or services exchanged. For doing Reflexology Professionally, for exchange of – donation, fees, goods, or services –the laws in each country around the world should be checked. Within some countries, such as within the USA, since education is a function of the state, check into the State Level Laws or local City or County Ordinances, as to what laws might apply to practicing Reflexology.