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Cancer Patient Synopsis

Synopsis of the Impact of Reflexology on Quality of Life for Cancer Patients as reported in Reflexology for Cancer Patients by Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik


Type Of Cancer Person Reporting Symptoms Reflexes  That  Were Worked On Number of  Sessions Outcomes
Bowel cancer, 68 yrs, male Edwina Hodkinson In CCU, low oxygen levels, chest infection post bowel surgery Feet: (through compression stockings) – worked solar plexus, neck & spine, lung areas on dorsum & plantar, adrenals, abdominal 1 Oxygen saturation level stabilized over next 24 hrs, transferred out of CCU, heart rate more stable, client slept.
Brain tumor,
30s, male
Ruti Springer Headaches Feet: nervous & respiratory systems to sooth, digestive system, neck & head Unknown # over 1-1/2 yrs. Embraced reflexology sessions until he passed, wife continues to have regular reflexology.
Introductal Breast Cancer, high grade stage,
36 yrs.
Ayelet Dor Overweight, depressed, family doesn’t know about illness, amenorrhea Feet: urinary lymphatic, cranial nerves, solar plexus Unknown – approx. 3 mos. Responded positively, feels more energetic, strong, self-confident, motivated
Metastasis breast cancer
84 yrs.
Susan Berenson Recovering from total abdominal hysterectomy, low blood counts, complaints of neuropathy of the balls of the feet, toes, and right lateral thigh Feet:  cuboid notch, lymphatics and liver/kidney/intestine reflexes, solar plexus 4/ continuing CR – ‘feet are coming to life’ – able to walk more “I am grateful, you have given me hope.’

Breast cancer,
71 yrs.

Lynne Booth
Pain from scar tissue/underarm lymph nodes removed, pain in arm and shoulder, increase in hot flushes

Lymphatic reflexes, breast, arm and shoulder were taught for self-reflexing

6 over two months
CR – nausea side effects diminished almost completely within a month and her hot flashes which were not responding to prescribed medication were not so severe and she was able to reduce her Dioxret dose. (cont. )


Segmental mastectomy, 50s female Lynne Booth Scar tissue painful and prevented her from lifting arm, unable to start radiotherapy. Feet: shoulder, neck and arm for two minutes 1 CR: ‘when she had finished I could lift my arm above my ear.’  Was given self-help reflex exercises to do.  Was immediately able to start radiotherapy.
Breast cancer (lumpectomy 3 yrs earlier) client treating herself with juicing, diet, homeopathy Lynne Booth Back, shoulder & neck pain, tweaked back, lymphatic drainage Feet:  back, shoulder & neck, lymphatics 6 over four months/ continuing At first there were many disturbed reflexes and client felt unwell, then started getting stronger.  One year ago client given ‘all clear’ by surgeons and has remained clear to date.  CR combination of Homeopathy & Reflexology very powerful in treatment of her cancer.
Breast cancer,
64 yrs
Beryl Crane Lumpectomy/ radiotherapy side effects, tired, erratic sleep patterns Feet: endocrine, brain, spine, upper lymphatics, spleen, liver and lungs extremely tender and sensitive to touch Regularly over several weeks Temporary elevation of energy.  Son comments: ‘how much the reflexology had helped, even at the end she had no great pain and she passed away in her sleep one night.’
Breast cancer, in chemo,
Carol Donnelly Nausea, vomiting, headaches, loss of appetite, constipation, emotional Feet:  observations:  slim and each had a large bunion, depressions on top of each halux and very flat, hard neck reflexes, right foot halux positioned behind 2nd toe, pale with reddened area around left heel and yellow tine around all toes, breast reflex on left foot warm, lines & wrinkles on digestive & lung reflexes.  Began with visualization & mediation.  Liver reflex sensitive, left side began to tingle when feet touched, felt tired. Weekly – 6 months Remission, improved elimination and appetite, continued pro-active wholistic attitude toward self-healing.


Breast cancer, 1992, liver cancer, 1995, 60 yrs. Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson Emotional anger Feet:  Liver, lymph glands & systems, cranio sacral/cranial nerves, brain, limbic centre, shoulders and back, sacrum, 4 cardinal points special for cancer, Achilles tendon, solar plexus, spinal column, gen. Circulation Monthly 2002-2006, 2007 – more frequently Improved anxiety and lessened anger
Carol Donnelly Tired Feet:  observations:  great toes bulbous, large dry thickened areas on medial edge, right foot pinkish, left foot paler, thickened area of skin over shoulder and axillary reflex, marks and lines over upper and lower abdominal reflexes and around pelvic muscle reflexes, both bladder reflexes swollen.  Began with relaxation, extra work on stress reflexes, nervous system and colon. Approx 4, regularly Improved relaxation, less fatigue physically & emotionally.
Colon cancer, female, was diagnosed as angina Denise Berwick Symptoms of angina Feet:  during routine, sigmoid colon reflex cause client to jump, possibly indicated problem in bowel. Unknown Cancer diagnosed and treated, off of angina medication


Colon cancer, throat cancer, 75 yrs., male Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson Fatigue, abdominal pain, breathlessness, cancer in mouth, fed artificially Feet:  solar plexus, diaphragm, shoulders, neck, sutures of cranial bones, cranial nerves, jugular foramen, face/throat/tongue 1 yrs – cranio sacral 2x week in hospital, then 1x week privately Repair of small blood vessels, nerves, mucosal linings and tissues, patient able to put pressure on right cheek, shave & wash, but not swallow food or drink.  Ref. Helped with nausea after chemo, relaxation and coping with inability to talk, eat, drink.  CR:  reflexology only thing that could help him to manage the daily psychological & physical pain.
Esophageal cancer,
84 yrs., male
Beryl Crane Pain & difficulty swallowing, regurgitation, chest infections, weight loss, poor appetite, depression Feet:  observations:  poor color and muscle tone, bases of great toe rough and cornified around throat reflex.  Worked endocrine system, brain, upper lymphatics, spleen & liver extremely tender, feeling of emptiness encompassing whole foot. Regular sessions over 3 months, continuing 1x every 3 weeks. Gradual overall improvement physically and mentally.  CR:  “I feel much more motivated since starting reflexology.”
Gingival epidermal cancer, 70 yrs, female, w/ history lichen herpes Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson Pain in jaw, stiff neck & shoulders which cause headaches Feet:  neck, shoulders, ischial tuberosity, coccyx, solar plexus & diaphragm, mouth, larynx, pharynx extremely sensitive. 2x week for 2 months, continuing Helped patient cope with side effects of meds (morphine, sleep aids), relieve headaches and general pain.
Refractory acue myelogenous leukemia,
43 yrs, female
Susan Berenson In chemotherapy, low blood counts Feet:  shoulder, brain and spine, solar plexus, heart liver-kidney, kidney and spleen. 5 months until patient passed CR:  “I am so amazed that I feel calmer.  I almost forgot where I was.’  Reduced anxiety and shoulder pain.  Family comforted that she received relief from reflex.


Leukemia, 9 yrs., girl, in remission Leila Eriksen Fragile immune, allergic symptoms, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation Feet: first sessions brought sour smell out of skin but improves after 3 sessions. 6 – “Saturdays for Family Reflexology.” – family of 5 Family embraced reflexology and learned to use as tool to take care of each other too.  All members improved symptoms from allergies, stress, stomach pain, headaches.
6 yrs. Girl
Dr. Bibiana Carrasco (pediatric surgeon & reflexologist) Post-chemo, constipation, backache Feet:  pain detected – pituitary, liver, spleen, thoracic & lumbar areas and work is done on pituitary, digestive system and spine. 14 over year (10 minute sessions) Many symptoms solved or lessened when reflexed.
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia,
8 yrs, girl
Dr. Bibiana Carrasco Nausea, asthenia and constipation Feet:  pain on cervical, digestive, liver and spleen points 5 in 1-month Improvement in general state, much improvement in defecation.  Less tension on points in feet in general, continues to have persistent pain on liver.
Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia,
17yrs., boy
Dr. Bibana Carrasco Abdominal pain, diarrhea, weakness, oral ulcers Feet:  At first, sensitivity in pain areas not reflected on feet, pain detected in solar plexus area, pain on mouth reflex zones, pelvis, coxofemoral joint on both sides – and thorough work is done on these areas. 8 over 4-month period Doctor comments: ‘we can establish a direct relationship between the clinical progress of his disease and the symptoms he presents with the sensitivity of his feet.”
Chronic Myeloid leukemia,
2 yrs., girl
Dr. Bibiana Carrasco
Not given
Feet: worked lightly accompanied by songs that the little girl enjoys

15 over 3 months

Helps with relaxation and mood, emotional help for the family.


Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia, 70, male Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson Diagnosed 1999, in chemo. Extreme exhaustion & fatigue post bone marrow transplant. Feet:  vertebral spine, cranial bones, sacrum, sternum, thymus, hormonal glands, spleen and all plexus.  Dr. F-A: “therapists must not treat lymphatic system too deeply in lymphoma patients.” Weekly & regularly over years of 1999-2007 Relaxation and assisting with nausea improved. Dr. Reports:  The psychological and physical support was crucial to his mental and emotional being.”

23 yrs., male

Edwina Hodkinson Frail, anxious, edema in legs, rash, bruising in places Feet:  worked off of surface of skin A few in hospital (non-survivor) Client felt sensation even though never touched directly, felt better after reflexology, soothed his body, eased aching legs and calmed him.
Chronic Leukemia,
14 yrs., boy,
Ruti Springer Long hospitalization, bloody & watery diarrhea & vomiting, enlarged spleen, abdominal pain, on morphine Feet:  very sensitive to touch, worked abdomen, GIT, skeletal system, immune system, respiratory & nervous systems. About a year of sessions Not given, but – boy was able to return to his village (lost contact)
Liver cancer Beryl Crane Pain in upper abdomen, weight loss, poor appetite, poor sleep, depression and denial of condition.  Denies chemo, wants to try natural path. Feet:  observations:  yellowish, poor muscle tone.  Base of heel rough, indentation on liver/lug reflexes. Month in hospital, then 2x week home visits Helped patient sleep better.  Partner comments:  “he felt he could not have coped without the reflexology and he always felt comforted.”
Liver & lung metastasis,
62 yrs., female
Elias Rostein Pain, nausea & vomiting Feet: (performed ‘energy dome’) – to touch regulating zones such as thyroid, cerebellum, back of neck, lymphatic system, digestive tract, hormonal, diaphragm – worked softly Weekly 7-9 months Survived longer than forecast with better quality of life.  Relative reported:  she ‘left calm and natural.”


Metastatic lung cancer to bone & liver, 75 yrs, male Susan Berenson Weight loss, poor appetite, fatigue, depression, overall deteriorations Feet:  brain, solar plexus, chest/lungs / diaphragm, spine, adrenals, liver and kidneys Approx. 3 until patient passed CR:  “It felt good.”  Asked for more sessions  “you do so much more for me now than they can.”  Wife reported it comforted her to see her husband being soothed.
Stage IV lung cancer,
64 yrs., female
Susan Berenson Tenderness in right lower neck, anxiety, fatigue, nausea, and depression Feet:  reflexed for anxiety and fatigue Unknown, at least one, and then reflexology contraindicated and reiki was offered Patient passed peacefully
Small cell carcinoma, right lung, 5
4 yrs., male
Beryl Crane Breathing difficulty, persistent cough, weight loss, depression Feet:  observations:  moist to the touch, tips of 1st three toes rough and cornified, deep indentation in lung area of right foot, yellowish color of feet, reflexes to brain, upper lymphatics, lung, spleen and liver extremely tender, strong odor. Regular over 2 months Breathing much easier, returned to swimming weekly, sleep improved, help with depression, feet dryer but still yellow.  CR:  These sessions not only helped my physically but also emotionally and mentally
Lung cancer,
63 yrs., female
Edwina Hodkinson Respiratory distress, confusion, agitation, medical staff called for reflexology Hand & spoke guided relaxation, worked lung, adrenal, solar plexus 1 Relaxed client’s body, settled down, increased oxygen levels, slept.
Lymphoma (abdominal),
7 yrs., girl
Dr. Bibiana Carrasco Painful abdominal areas (stomach and colic) Feet:  process of dialoguing with girl to cooperate in receiving reflexology session.  When she relaxes enough to allow the session, work to ease pain and noises in abdomen took place 4x over month period More acceptance by girl and family of illness, improvement of symptoms.


Diffuse large B cell lymphoma, 60 yrs., female Ayelet Dor Depressed, high tenderness in kidney area, acute pain in GIT area, crystals in area of stomach, pancreas and duodenum, stage IV of disease and in treatment Feet:  lungs and thorax, adrenal glands, spine, head and neck, solar plexus, immune system.  After 5 treatments focus in GIT area (all) and nervous system reflexes. 20 Improved emotional state, eats almost regularly, paying attention to healthy nutrition, improved sleep & mood, started physical activity, less fears.
Hodgkins Lymphoma,
31 yrs., female
Edwina Hodkinson Nausea, low emotional state Feet: soothing digestive system, supporting liver & nervous system.  Taught client solar plexus reflexes, breathing techniques to help with nausea. 6 Improved emotional state.  CR:  reflexology made such a big difference to her life, got her through difficult time. (client fully recovered from lymphoma)
Hodgkins Lymphoma,
14 yrs., girl
Ruti Springer Neck and arm pain, fatigue, effects of drugs – low mood. Feet:  skeletal system, immune system, digestive, respiratory, nervous system Year of sessions Helped to relax (non-survivor)
Malignant multiple myeloma,

42 yrs., male

Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik In chemo, tense and fearful of pain Feet:  1st sessions worked relaxing techniques to change perception of pain, solar plexus, ‘metamorphic’ technique. Weekly – 7 months Increased confidence, much reduced after-effects of chemo, hard and tender reflexes were softer & almost painless.
Ovarian cancer stage IV,

46 yr., female

Susan Berenson Recovering from total abdominal hysterectomy, low blood counts, metastatic disease, complaints of neuropathy of the balls of the feet, toes, and right lateral thigh. Feet:  cuboid notch, lymphatics and liver/ kidney/ intestine reflexes, solar plexus 4 (continuing) CR:  feet are coming to life, able to walk more.  I am grateful, you have given me hope.’


Ovarian cancer, 30s, female Carol Donnelly Digestive problems, difficulty sleeping Feet:  begin with guided relaxation, then reflexed lightly for lymphatic, stress & elimination. 6 / weekly Increased relaxation, ease of constipation, relieved discomfort of edema.  Reflexology sessions had not only given her time for herself but had helped alleviate some discomfort from her edema, provided her with some tools to use for relaxation at home and helped her come to terms with her impending death.
68 yrs
Carol Donnelly Diagnosed 18  months earlier.  Tense, knee pain, anger, sore bigs. Feet:  begin with muscle relaxation and visualization, worked lightly, discovered into the sessions change in liver reflex area – becoming dense and more prominent. 6 Patient expressed how much she enjoyed the whole experience, positive impact on her mind and spirit (non-survivor)
State IIA – squamous cell carcinoma of cervix,
42 yrs, female
Ayelet Dor Under medication for hyperthyroid & fertility treatment-related depression, diminished energy, poor mood, pain in flanks, diminished appetite, weakness in left hand, drags left leg Feet:  1st few sessions – spine, pancreas, liver, adrenals, kidneys, pituitary, diaphragm, thyroid.  Sessions 3-8 – GIT (all) 1x week for 20 weeks, continuing every 3 weeks. Improved energy and mood; increase in every day activities, motivation, returned to work, gained weight, calmer.
Ovarian cancer, 1998, intestinal cancer 1999,
50s, female
Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson Edema left leg Cranio sacral reflexology, basic protocol, relaxing solar plexus, lymphatic protocol, bowels, autonomic nervous system to help peristalsis. Weekly during 2002, also 2006 regularly while in hospital Dr. F-A: client helped greatly by reflexology until the end of her life, particularly reducing edema in left leg, fighting depression, helping with daily nausea & constipation from chemo, had requested regular reflexology for physical & psychological support.


Ovarian cancer, 42 yrs., female Edwina Hodkinson In Ccu, pain, distress, sleeplessness, lower body pain Guided relaxation – 2 therapists – one at head, EH at feet: as client started to relax, work was done on abdominal and pelvic reflexes, apin relief, help for relaxation 1 Breathing calmer, face smoother, shoulders dropping, sleep.
Pleural tumor,
14 yrs., girl
Dr. Bibiana Carrasco Operation on thorax, draining under on her right side, metastis to lumbar spine, constipation. Feet (given by grandmother) lung area, stomach and solar plexus, upper body, pain on sacro and pelvis area on feet.  Digestive system treated. 11 / one year Sleeps better, decreased lumbar pain, some relief briefly for constipation, ongoing symptoms.
Prostate cancer, 68 yrs., male Beryl Crane Difficulty with urination, back pain, anal leakage, bowel noise. Feet: observations – base of heel very rough, cornified area around anal reflex, indentation on prostate reflex, little toes extremely red and bent.  Reflexes to brain, endocrine system, upper lymphatics, spleen, liver & prostate extremely tender Every 3-4 weeks over a few months Daughter reports that father’s challenging character revealed more understanding side.
Adenocarcinoma of prostate,
72 years
Ayelet Dor 1998 treated with hormones, radiotherapy.  Pain right side of abdomen from operation, digestion, urogenital tract, anxiety, anguish. Feet:  reddish in thorax area, intestinal tract reflex sensitive, pain in stomach, pancreas and liver areas.  Work to relieve stress & tensions. Weekly / 6 months Almost no abdominal pain, CR: having started to pay attention to new things, feels more open, eats balanced foods, aware of his body, knows how to manage it.
Prostate cancer Stage II,
76 yrs
Moshe Kruchik Diagnosis 2004, sleeplessness, anguish, harsh side effects of radiotherapy Feet:  1st sessions felt like stones in kidney reflexes, sore ureter & bladder reflexes, spine areas sore (lumbar), esophagus, diaphragm & stomach areas tender 3x week / 3 months Total remission 9/06.  Client felt relaxes and strong, improved sleep patterns.


Ewing’s sarcoma left pubis, 15 yrs., boy Dr. Bibiana Carrasco Catheter – subcutaneous thoracic zone towards right auricula, pain along route where catheter implanted, also left lower pelvic area. Feet:  pain on the liver and gallbladder area detected on the feet but no pain on stressed areas. 7 sessions / 4 months Pain is intense for this client, but reflexology helps him to relax and once he accepts the treatment, he looks forward to the support of reflexology.
Tumor in testis, orchiectomy,
32 yrs., male
Ruti Springer Pain in knees Feet: tender in kidney, knees, urinary bladder zones, also colon zone tender worked skeletal system reflexes, hormonal & lymphatic system zones. Unknown Total general improvement, high appreciation for reflexology, healthy today.
Terminally ill patient,
Elizabeth Doeff, nurse & reflex. Severe neck pain, in a large neck collar for support, loosing lucidity Feet:  brief treatment for neck pain 1 Neck ache ceased, no further need for collar, medication reduced.  At end of week passed in much less pain and was more calm and lucid due to reduction in med.
Terminally ill patient, male, in coma Elizabeth Doeff Restless, distressed Feet: gently held toenails with her thumb nails, nail-on-nail, for over a minute.  Then gently, for 5 minutes, cradles his heels, just brushing and pressing pelvic/hell reflexes. 1 Breathing and general demeanor changed, became calm and peaceful for his remaining days until he passed.

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