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Bill Flocco

Difference Between Reflexology and Acupressure

Both Reflexology and Acupressure fall into the category of touch therapies called Reflex Therapies. However, they each work under very different energetic principles and extremely different reflex point locations.

Acupressure deals with over 14 long thin energy lines called meridians that run most of the length of the body. There are more than 800 pressure points along these lines, of which, fewer than 30 are found on the feet and the hands with only one meridian acupressure point on the bottom of the feet, and only one meridian even coming close to the ear, in the crease behind the outer ear.

Reflexology, in contrast, has an entire reflex map of the body on the feet, a second complete reflex map of the body on the hands and a third complete reflex map of the body on the outer ear.