Fascinating Facts about Your Hands

Hands 1st Ten Fascinating Facts About Hands Every Practitioner Should Know

  1. A quarter of all the bones in your body are found in your two hands.
  2. Your hand is built in 3 sections: fingers are called phalanges, long bones in the middle of your hand are called metacarpals, and the wrist bones are called carpals.
  3. Your hand contains 27 major and minor bones in each hand.
  4. There are 14 phalanges in the thumb and fingers.
  5. The thumb has two bones.
  6. Each of the other four fingers in each hand has 3 bones (phalanges); The distal phalanges (distal meaning further away from the body); the middle, a.k.a. medial phalanges; and the proximal phalanges (proximal meaning closest to the body).
  7. There are 5 long bones, metatarsals, in each hand, that connect the fingers to the wrist.
  8. There are 8 wrist bones (carpals).
  9. Your hands may also have numerous tiny sesamoid bones—which differ in number from person to person and appear in the hand’s tendons.
  10. Each hand contains 29 major joints.