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Bill Flocco
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Meaning of Randomized Study

When there is more than one group in a study, such as in this PMS study, the process of placing the people who are being studied, randomly into each group, makes it a “Randomized” study. There are different ways of assigning randomly, which people will be in each group. The process we used was to make appointments, randomly assigning each woman an appointment time.

The first woman was placed in Group A, the Active Reflexology Group, the second woman was placed in Group B, the Placebo Reflexology Group, the third woman was placed in Group A, the cialis Active Reflexology Group, the fourth woman was placed in Group B, the Placebo Reflexology Group, and so forth.

The use of this process helps to divide all participants into the groups, increasing the possibility that whatever characteristics and traits women may have (such as age, race, socio-economic status, educational background, types and intensity of symptoms, and more), will be evenly divided between both groups. This increases the likelihood that each group will have a similar cross-section of characteristics and traits.

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