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Bill Flocco

21 Advantages & Benefits of Attending Reflexology Conferences By Bill Flocco


    • Network with Reflexologists form other towns, cities, regions, states, countries
    • Talk one-on-one with speakers and other leaders in the field
    • Gain updated information to take back home to share with clients or colleagues
    • Lear nnew hands-on techniques by sharing with people from other methods & schools
    • Be among the first to be introduced to the newest trends in the field
    • Meet and break bread with the trendsetters
    • Learn about key issues in legislation, human trafficking, state Reflexology laws
    • Meet those who have been actively dealing with these issues on behalf of you and the field

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Meaning of Randomized Study

When there is more than one group in a study, such as in this PMS study, the process of placing the people who are being studied, randomly into each group, makes it a “Randomized” study. There are different ways of assigning randomly, which people will be in each group. The process we used was to make appointments, randomly assigning each woman an appointment time. Continue reading