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Bill Flocco

Meaning of "Peer Review"

All journals have teams of research analysis specialists who read reports submitted for consideration for publishing.

The term “Peer Review” means that the study is read and analyzed by “Peers”. Each research journal has a peer review committee. Each peer, or member of the committee is a disinterested reviewer, which means they were not involved with the research study under current consideration, and have no personal investment in the outcome of the study. Although the Obstetrics & Gynecology Peer Review Committee did not know about reflexology, each member of the
committee was a preeminent authority in both the fields of gynecology and research.

They review the written report of the study for quality of research design, methodology, ethics, protocols, statistics, reporting and more. The peer review committee as well as the editors of the journal also read the study from the point of view of the subscribers to their journal. If there is any additional information, clarification or modification they would like for their readership, they let this be known to the authors of the study.

The reason for a committee of reviewers, rather than just one person reviewing the written report of a study, is that each member of the committee will see the information from a different point of view.

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