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Bill Flocco

Effective Healing That’s Literally At Your Fingertips

Periodically you will be able to access and read a wide range of articles related to Reflexology and the field of natural health. All you need to do is visit this page occasionally to see if a new article has been added that is of interest to you. Continue reading

Why Do Reflexology Research? 19 Reasons

Hundreds of books about reflexology have been written, with hundreds of thousands of copies of reflexology books sold all over the world. The subject of reflexology appears in magazines, newspapers, on radio and television, and Hollywood type movies. Continue reading

Meaning of "Blind Study"

This study was what is called a “Single Blind” study. What this means is that the research assistants needed to know ahead of time which women were in the Active Reflexology Group so they would give this group of women the real reflexology session, and which women were in the Placebo Control Group so they would give this other group of women the fake reflexology session. This means that the practitioner was not “blind” to which of the two groups each woman belonged. Continue reading

Meaning of Randomized Study

When there is more than one group in a study, such as in this PMS study, the process of placing the people who are being studied, randomly into each group, makes it a “Randomized” study. There are different ways of assigning randomly, which people will be in each group. The process we used was to make appointments, randomly assigning each woman an appointment time. Continue reading

Meaning of Controlled Study

Active Reflexology Group: The Active Reflexology Group, sometimes called the real reflexology group, received hands-on reflexology on reflex points and areas that are believed to be related to helping the body, bringing relief from PMS symptoms. Continue reading

Meaning of "Peer Review"

All journals have teams of research analysis specialists who read reports submitted for consideration for publishing.

The term “Peer Review” means that the study is read and analyzed by “Peers”. Each research journal has a peer review committee. Each peer, or member of the committee is a disinterested reviewer, which means they were not involved with the research study under current consideration, and have no personal investment in the outcome of the study. Although the Obstetrics & Gynecology Peer Review Committee did not know about reflexology, each member of the
committee was a preeminent authority in both the fields of gynecology and research. Continue reading

Sources of Statistical Help

Reflexologists Can Find Statistical Help Close To Home

If you are a Reflexologist with no experience or sophistication in research design and statistical analysis, as was the situation for me at the beginning of the study, be encouraged by the fact that there are lots of people with these skills who are interested in conducting research in the ever growing field of natural and complementary therapies. Continue reading

NEWS RELEASE – December 2012

Announcing A Major Development
For The Field Of Reflexology Across America.

Dear Students, Colleagues, and Friends,

For the News Release, please read below.
For an actual copy of the NFWL Resolution, please click here.

Reflexology will move forward as an approach to women’s health care and wellness issues, thanks to a recently passed resolution by the National Foundation of Women Legislators (NFWL). The group’s resolution encourages state and national organizations to join them in supporting reflexology, “as part of a holistic, comprehensive, and patient-centered approach to care.” Continue reading