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Bill Flocco

Sources of Research Funding

Funding Of The PMS Study

We decided to fund the entire research study ourselves. Some aspects of the study that could have cost a lot of money were covered in a number of different ways.

Facilities – We used the permanent facilities of the American Academy Of Reflexology, consequently there was no cost for rental of the rooms used for the study.

Practitioners – The Reflexologists who did the hands-on part of the study, first and foremost were very cialis online supportive. They were pleased to be part of the research study and gave freely of their time on a voluntary basis. An additional benefit for them was the extra training they received to conduct the very specific hands-on part of the study.

Research Subjects The women in the study were not paid either. Women in both the Active Reflexology Group or Placebo Reflexology Group (they never knew which group they were in, only that they would be randomly assigned to the groups), at the end of the study, were given a class in how to use foot, hand, and ear reflexology on themselves for their premenstrual symptoms. They were also invited to bring a spouse, friend or other loved one to learn to work on them. Women in the Waiting List Control Group also received the same class under the same conditions.

Printing, Postage & Telephone – Although Terry and I each had primary responsibility for different parts of the study, and since we each handled different parts of the paper work and telephone work, we each paid for printing, postage, and telephone costs related to the portions for which we had primary responsibility.

Mathematics & Statistical Help – Terry worked with and paid the person who did some of this work.

Sources of Reflexology Research Funding

In the current climate of dramatically increased interest in wholistic, complementary, and alternative health, it would only take some imagination, effort, and professionally prepared proposals, persistence and patience, to find money to conduct reflexology research.

Some sources of funding to consider are:

  1. Hospitals of any type
  2. Medical clinics of any type
  3. Medical Universities.
  4. Nursing Colleges and Universities
  5. Any of a wide range of national, state, provincial, county, and city government agencies
  6. Private individuals who give research grants for studies and projects that will help the quality of life around the world
  7. Private foundations that fund health related research
  8. Corporations interested in improving the bottom line, reducing absenteeism and increasing profits – refer to Danish Corporate and Postal Studies.
  9. The combined financial contributions of a group of Reflexologists who would like to conduct research.
  10. In the United States of America, government funding of Reflexology Research has become available through the Federal Government via the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCAAM) division of the National Institutes for Health (NIH). You can contact them directly for details.

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