World Reflexology Week


How does an international organization go about meeting its member’s request to gain global acceptance of Reflexology?

In 1994 the members of the International Council of Reflexologists (ICR) stated their number one priority for the work of ICR was to do just that. ICR President, Bill Flocco took up the challenge and out of this came World Reflexology Week (WRW). Since 1999 WRW is the last full week in September.

The key is to think globally and act locally. It is hoped all Reflexologists around the world can do at least one thing sometime during this week to promote Reflexology on the local level.

What Kind of Activity?

The ideas are unlimited. The activity can be as simple as:

Wearing a Reflexology T-shirt, or

Carrying a Reflexology tote bag in public.

Or as detailed as:

Organizing your Reflexology Association to participate at a public event like a health & beauty show by offering free Reflexology sessions. This is an excellent way to gain exposure for your services and Reflexology. Promote yourself, and thereby Reflexology, by having flyers with discount coupons that include reference to WRW printed and distributed at local businesses.Is your local public radio/television station having an auction? Give a Gift Certificate for a Reflexology Session.Give a public lecture.

Give a public lecture.

One Australian Reflexologist did a one-woman show of her artwork featuring hands and feet!USA clients were asked to donate a can of food for the needy when they came for a sessio

Reflexologists in many states and over 30 countries have had WRW events.

Why Get Involved

Together we can promote greater public awareness around the world by coordinating our efforts and WRW activities the same week. Spreading public awareness will require active participation from Reflexologists all over the USA and the World.

The benefits of this awareness contribute to a healthier world by generating more health conscious minds, a greater understanding of wholistic and complementary health care, and more successful businesses for today’s professional Reflexologists. Start planning something today.

Need Help?

For more information on WRW check out the ICR web site: where you will find a WRW Promotional Package to help you plan your event and spread the good news about the benefits of Reflexology.

Here are some of the helpful, well designed, and professional looking items you will find on the ICR web site to help you or your Reflexology Association:

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