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Educational Books & Charts – USA Residents outside California

Foot Hand Ear Reflexology

Over 550 color photographs showing where and how to use Foot Hand Ear Reflexology for over 95 health challenges.
By Bill Flocco




30 Reflexology Articles

About a different aspect of Reflexology & Health Challenges. You have permission to reproduce articles for clients/frients.
By Bill Flocco


Reflexology Research – How To & List of 300 Studies

How to conduct research. Plus 35 pages with over 300 studies. 2nd Edition.
By Bill Flocco


Color Coordinated Foot Hand & Ear Reflexology Charts

(3 Separate 8.5 by 11 inch laminated charts)
Plus two plastic outer ears, a Left & a Right ear.
By Bill Flocco


Ear Reflexology Book

(Auriculotherapy) French & Chinese Reflexology Charts, Master Points, Functional Points, protocols for smoking, weight, more.
By Terry Oleson, PhD


Reflexology Coloring Book

Shows children where and how to work on their feet, hands, ear for many common children’s health issues.
By Lisa Marie Chan


About Face

This book contains many easy to apply technique and three routiness for relaxing or toning the face, and a general natural facelift routine.
By Ko Tan



Traditional Chinese Medicine Simplified 2nd Edition


This book demystifies the basic concepts of TMC for the westerm mind.
By Ko Tan


Reflexology – Art, Science, History

Completely revised, 165 added pages, 18 mini-biographies, new thoughts and scientific discoveries from around the world.
By Christine Issel



Anatomy, biomechanics, impact on body of irregularities, corrective approaches to irregularities in Lower Legs & Feet.
By Sandra Rogers & Chris Issel


Eunice Ingham A Biography

Life and legacy of Eunice Ingham who first took Foot Reflexology to lay peopleacress America.
By Christine Issel