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Bill Flocco

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Reflexology Charts, Books, Articles, eNewsletters, & eNotices

During the past quarter century of teaching Reflexology, we have repeatedly been asked to recommend books, charts, and articles about Reflexology and related subjects. A few items are here made available for you. May you use them in the best of health and vitality.

Books By Bill Flocco

  • Reflexology Articles: Over a Decade of Reflexology Articles
  • Reflexology Research: Anatomy of a Reflexology Research Study, 2nd Edition

Books by Other Authors

  • Auriculotherapy Manual: Chinese and Western Systems of Ear Acupuncture
  • Reflexology: Art, Science, History
  • Reflexognosy: Gateway to Health Through the Feet
  • Ethics of Touch
  • Business Mastery

Wall Chart

  • Colorful Ear Reflexology Wall Chart

Free Reflexology Charts by Bill Flocco

  • Foot Reflexology Chart
  • Hand Reflexology Chart
  • Ear Reflexology Chart

Reflexology Articles

eNewsletters & eNotices